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Bowen Case Histories


Woman, aged 37, 4 treatments

G suffered from 2 migraines a month that would make her sick. She would have to go to bed until the attack had run its course. After 2 treatments they became milder. After 4 the headaches had completely gone. This improvement has held and G is continuing with Bowen on a 2 monthly basis.



Woman, aged 89, 3 treatments

K suffered from sciatica for months. She would wake in the night in pain. She was sceptical that Bowen could help someone of her age. After 2 treatments the pain went but she had a third treatment as general maintenance as she said that it made her hips feel more flexible as well.


High blood pressure and night sweats

Woman, aged 63, 4 treatments

K has suffered from night sweats for 10 years and had high blood pressure. After 2 treatments her blood pressure dropped and after 4 she has had no more hot sweats in the night.


Severe back pain before and after surgery

(6 slipped disks)

Woman, aged 45, 8 treatments

S has been a long term case due to the nature of her problems. S has been unable to walk unaided since Dec 2011. Bowen has helped to restore the natural balance of the body so that S has more mobility in her legs. Immediately after treatment she claims 20% more movement. After a major operation Bowen has helped with recovery. S can now walk unaided. She will continue with Bowen as a long term therapy.


Supporting with treatment of cancer


Female, aged 25

When S was diagnosed with Hodkinsons Lymphoma she started having Bowen straight away. To start with she was having treatments every other week at no particular time to correspond with her Chemo sessions. Then after a treatment the day after her Chemo she noticed that she did not feel sick, had more energy and her mouth did not hurt. This was repeated on 4 occasions with the same results.


Hay Fever

Male, aged 44, 3 treatments


R had hay fever for 15 years, one year he was so bad he ended up in hospital as he had blisters on hie eyeballs. After 3 treatments in April/May before it usually started his hay fever never presented.